Home video surveillance
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With Home Security Camera next-generation video management system (VMS), you get intelligent video surveillance that saves you time and money, while increasing your security and ability to prevent problems.

Video surveillance archive
Track each case of a particular object appearing in a certain place and easily pull up those specific records from your archive.

Powerful software for intelligent surveillance
Multi-platform app for computers or mobile devices, allow users to access video surveillance systems from anywhere.

Secure your home
Home video surveillance becomes handy and easy to use for anyone who owns smartphone. Home Security Camera is a user friendly interface that can connect to existing ip camera infrastructure. Users have the flexibility to add just the cameras they want or all of them with simple step by step wizard.

Home surveillance is of various types. It can be single video cameras that display the image on the computer or smartphone of the owner of the object, or complex equipment. The choice of a suitable option depends on the capabilities and requirements of the homeowner, on the area of his property and some other factors.

CCTV installation goals

Protecting your home from unauthorized persons is not the only purpose of installing cameras. In the home, there are many events that need to be controlled. These include:

• monitoring children in the absence of parents;
• control over the work of domestic staff (nanny, maid, nurse);
• supervision of relatives in need of care;
• monitoring of the local area;
• monitoring the entrance to the house or the gate: who called, who came, and what happens outside.

In addition, video surveillance will allow you to react in time to a fire, flood or other troubles inside or outside the house. It provides an opportunity to quickly and accurately understand the situation and take action. Modern cameras detect people or objects at a distance of several tens of meters, and the presence of infrared illumination, which is available in many camera models, allows you to see everything that happens outside the house at dusk or in absolute darkness.

Digital and analog video surveillance technologies are worthy competitors to each other. If one of them wins in resolution, it can lose in the cost of additional equipment. And vice versa, losing in sensitivity, it bypasses its rival in processing video data.

To make a final decision in favor of one of the technologies, an important question must be resolved about the tasks that the buyer wants to solve with their help. If a camera is needed to monitor large-scale objects (logistics or shopping centers, workshops), then a digital IP video surveillance system is ideal. It is also preferable to install it in large companies in which the infrastructures for the transmission and storage of digital data were previously equipped.

If you need to control a small area (apartment, summer cottage), it is better to give preference to a cheaper AHD video surveillance system, easily installed by yourself.

Thus, the decision of the question of which video surveillance is better - digital or analog, depends on the financial capabilities of the buyer and the tasks that it will help them solve.

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